Top 5 Gainers And Losers of the week

Top 5 Gainers And Losers of the week
  • Huobi Token (HT) is the top gainer for the week and gained 44.1%.
  • Chiliz is the top loser for the week and has lost 35.0%.  

Top 5 gainers and losers for the week as per CoinGecko.

Top 5 Gainers

Huobi Token is the week’s top gainer, rising more than 16% in a single day as whales continue to boost their holdings. At the time of writing, the Huobi Token (HT) is trading at $6.89, a 19% rise. It has risen to 44.1% in just one week. Despite being in the 50th rank , it is the top gainer during the last week.

Curve DAO (CRV) is the week’s top 2 gainer, with a price of $0.738692 and a gain of 6.0% at the time of writing. It has risen to 23.5% in just one week. Litecoin (LTC) is ranked 13th and is the top three gainers for the week. LTC is gaining 24.5% and trading at $77.63, a rise of 2.1%.

Dash (DASH) is ranked 81 and is the top 4 gainer for the week, with a gain of 20.8%, and is currently trading at $41.55, up 0.5%. BNB (BNB) is ranked 4 and is the top 5 gainer, having increased 15.1% in a week, and is currently trading at $314.84, having increased 5.4%.

Top 5 Losers

Chiliz (CHZ), ranked 44, has been the week’s top loser, with a loss of 35.0%. Radix (XRD) is the top two losers for the week, ranking 93 and losing 26.5% for the week.

Chain (XCN) has fallen to 19.5%, placing it in the top 3 losers for the week according to Coingecko. And it is currently ranked 47. The top 4 losers for the week are Algrond (ALGO), which is placed 30 and has fallen by about 17.5%. Cronos (CRO), which is down to 10.3% and is in the top 5 losers for the week, is ranked 32.

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