Top 3 Potential Crypto Tokens To Buy In April 2022

0x (ZRX) Has Rallied To Nearly 40% In A Day

Following a short-term bullish rally, the market has again crashed while dipping and depicts a bear market. Bitcoin almost came to $42K from the range of $46K where it is still yet to reach its support level at $41K. Subsequent to the fall of BTC, other altcoins are also displaying bear signals in the market.

Though the industry has millions of cryptocurrencies, each specializes in different features and according to it, traders utilize them. Many altcoins perform extraordinarily while they surpass the performance of mainstream cryptocurrencies. Similarly, a Youtuber who owns a channel “Finance Bro” has shared some altcoins with the subscribers. According to him, the top three potential crypto tokens to buy in April 2022 are ApeCoin, Decentraland, and Cosmos.

Potential Tokens To Buy Now!

The top cryptocurrencies include metaverse coins, meme coins, and decentralized finance coins. First top crypto token on the list is ApeCoin (APE) which is a new token in the market. It was launched to the market in March 2022, while being publicly traded since March 17th. APE is in the industry for less than a month, starting its price at $10 and surging up to $14 while also falling back to $10.95.

Significantly, ApeCoin was made for the Web3 economy via art, gaming, and entertainment. As per the YouTuber, APE will take an uptrend in a couple of days reaching nearly $11 or $12. Then it will advance further hitting its all-time high of $14 level. Moreover, there is an easy possibility of gaining 20% or 30% in April while its current market cap value is $3.3 billion.

The second crypto will be Decentraland (MANA), which is a popular token in the market. It is 2.32% down for the day and 9% down for the past month. Decentraland basically allows users to create, explore, and trade in the first-ever virtual world. Users can buy and sell land estates, avatar wearables, and names in the decentraland marketplace. The beneficial part is that many big businesses are getting into metaverse and thus it will definitely support the price of potential metaverse projects like MANA. That’s the reason to hold this token in April which will make you see more gains.

The third token is one of the best to highlight and it is Cosmos (ATOM) which is currently 0.91% down for the day. Cosmos is the Internet of Blockchains, a decentralized network of interconnected apps and services that is constantly growing. The platform currently holds more than 260 apps which are growing in number and they have $170 billion of digital assets under management. Consequently, ATOM is trading at $27.02 while during this month it did peak at $33 and got lower to $26. The market cap value is $8.7 billion which is double what MANA has. ATOM will probably see an 8% to 10% gain in the upcoming days while 30% to 50% gains during this April month.

However, the top cryptocurrencies to buy now in April are APE, MANA, and ATOM. These crypto covers all different sectors in the market and they all will present massive upside in the future. Furthermore, it is always recommended to do your own study before investing in any cryptocurrencies in the market.

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