Top 3 Most Visited IDO Platforms in 2021 According to CryptoRank

Top 3 Most Visited IDO Platforms in 2021 According to CryptoRank

IDO launchpads may be an appealing alternative since they provide members early access to projects that are typically in great demand before being listed on public markets. This enables individuals to participate at the lowest feasible price and reap the best gain. Let us take a look at the top 3 most visited IDO platforms in 2021 as per CryptoRank.



Polkastarter is a blockchain platform that aims to make cross-chain token pools and auctions easier to set up and manage. It is most typically utilized by early-stage blockchain businesses that seek to raise funds and distribute tokens at the same time. According to CryptoRank, Polkastarter now holds the #1 spot in IDO platforms with an estimated 2507396 page views.

DAO Maker

SaaS-based growth technologies supplier DAO Maker offers SaaS-based solutions for emerging and expanding crypto-based projects. A multi-investment platform called the DAO Pad is the company’s main offering, allowing DAO token holders to engage in early-stage token sales for rigorously verified prospective businesses. According to CryptoRank, DAO Maker was ranked second on IDO platforms after an estimated 704918 page views.


GameFi is a platform for blockchain gamers, investors, and traders who are interested in the realm of NFT gaming as a “play to earn” venture. Play-to-earn projects are hosted on the platform as a digital NFT gaming marketplace, allowing players to join, investors to buy, and new NFT game creators to register their innovative games for enhanced visibility. According to CryptoRank, GameFi was ranked third in IDO platforms after an estimated 427023 page views.

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