Top 3 Most Visited Coins in Last 7 Days as per

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  • Several analysts projected a sharp drop in the SHIB market.
  • Shiba Inu was the second most visited currency on

Let us look at the top 3 most visited coins in the last seven days as per

Bitcoin (BTC)

The world’s largest cryptocurrency has lost about 20% in less than two weeks, indicating that Bitcoin investment is still very volatile. Unlike traditional markets, where huge changes cause concern, Bitcoin is essentially business as usual with positive confidence. On Friday, bitcoin fell as much as 3.4 percent to $55,663.

Some economists expect a significant decline after prices soared 40% in October. The Chinese crypto crackdown and new anti-crypto tax rules in the US have further dampened the mood. Despite this, listed bitcoin as the most visited currency in the previous seven days.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has lost over half of its market value from its late-October highs in only three weeks. On November 19, the price of Shiba Inu (SHIB) plummeted to $0.00004251, down from $0.00008854, its all-time high. Its price recovered some of its losses on Friday, however, the rise was wobbly due to low trading volumes.

After skyrocketing more than 1,100 percent since October 1, several analysts projected a sharp drop in the SHIB market. For example, John Wick, an independent market expert, labeled the current SHIB price decline a “topping signal,” implying further selloffs ahead. Despite this, Shiba Inu was the second most visited currency on in the previous seven days.


TITAN HUNTERS is inspired by Diablo’s entertaining gameplay and Minecraft’s vibe. It’s a game that mixes NFT (Earning Nature) with the greatest MMORPG genre (Fun Nature).

The intriguing universe of TITAN HUNTERS awaits as a hunter seeking secrets. Gamers may also face aggressive and clever monster bosses — Titans. Hunt alone or with friends and utilize slain adversaries’ resources to construct new gear and take on an even greater Titan! The team’s greatest approach to reward and engage consumers is via enjoyable gaming and distinctive NFTs. TITA is the third most visited currency on in the past seven days.

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