Top 3 Cheapest Altcoins To Make You A Millionaire In Weeks!

Top 3 Cheapest Altcoins To Make You A Millionaire In Weeks!

Rather than Bitcoin (BTC), the altcoin market is extremely hot in recent times. On the other hand, a majority more people are turning towards the altcoins from the BTC profusely. This is due to the fact that altcoins are available at cheaper prices. Also, many altcoins are performing extremely remarkably with surging prices tremendously. In spite of this, upon the altcoins, a recent trend has been in play for some time now. This is the fact that buying extremely cheaper altcoins in large quantities and selling them at their all-time highs. 

Besides, this strategy is one that is well known and well played many times by many in the crypto market. However, one needs a little patience though, as they have to wait for the right moment. Yet, now we bring forth the top 3 altcoins which we personally think are the cheapest, and one which requires the least time period in reaching gains in millions. 

1. MultiVAC (MTV)

The MultiVAC is the future generation-based open blockchain platform that is formulated such that it extends its support to numerous applications and entities. The MultiVAC platform started initially in the year 2017, by the first quarter. Ever since its launch, the platform has so far maintained a decent track record with its blockchain services. 

Moreover, the MultiVAC blockchain extends and integrates all services based upon decentralized blockchain services with utmost security. In addition, most DApp developers prefer MultiVAC owing to its superior flexibility upon services towards DApp developments. 

Furthermore, the MUltiVAC is the first blockchain in the world that is based on the data partitioning technique or sharding. MTV is the native token of the MultiVAC platform. 

Accordingly, MTV has a total supply of about 10 billion coins and out of which approximately more than 3.5 billion coins are incomplete circulation. In spite of this, MTV started off at $0.0084 initially, and now its stands for about $0.0087 at the time of writing. 

Besides, in a span of about 2 years, MTV touched down at $0.016 as its ATH. As being backed up profusely by a world-class leading blockchain, it’s highly evident that MTV will again touch its ATH and surpass it furthermore. And so, this is why MTV is the first choice on our list.

2. Fantom (FTM)  

The Fantom (FTM) is the second cheapest promising altcoin on your list next to MTV. In addition, the FTM is the native coin for the Fantom blockchain platform. Like MTV, Fantom is also a blockchain platform completely decentralized. In addition, the Fantom platform allows impeccable services for performing DApps, DeFi, and especially smart contracts. 

Besides, the Fantom platform is proven in solving numerous issues upon smart contracts along with improving their transactions speeds evidently. In spite of all this, the FTM right now stands at about $0.488 with an average spike down of 12% upon the last 24 hours. 

Despite starting its journey nearly two years back, the year 2021 is the turning point and epic game-changer for the Fantom platform.  Ever since the end of January 2021, FTM witnessed only spikes upwards profusely. Accordingly, it reached its ATH of $0.916 which is the second ATH surpassing its previous of $0.65.

Furthermore, according to the graph FTM will for sure bounce tremendously reaching its most ATH surpassing all its previous records.

3. Reserve Rights (RSR)

Unlike the previous two altcoins in our list which were based on blockchain platforms, this one we have here is completely different. The third on our list and the last is the Reserve Rights (RSR)

Moreover, the Reserve Rights is a stable coin platform launched in the year 2019. Despite being from a stable coin platform, it consists of two different coins altogether. One is the stable coin RSV and the other is the native token based upon the platform, the RSR. Besides the RSV being a stable coin of $1.00, the RSR is apparently completely volatile. 

Furthermore the RSR at preset stands for $0.05 with a spike up of about 2.7% for the past 24 hours. Like the FTM, the RSR has seen its best times this year. From the graph, it’s been completely flat for a long time, about a year starting initially from $0.0029. 

However, within a year’s time, RSR started to spike up profusely. In addition, it touched down to $0.1117 as its ATH. Furthermore, with the graph evidently surging up, it’s highly speculated that RSR will reach its previous ATH again and break new records within the end of this year.   

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