The Team Behind CryptoBlades is Taking Their NFT Bridge Technology Public After it Surges Past All Other Bridging Protocols Combined. Also, what is Bazaar?

Single chain crypto services and games are beginning to phase out of the crypto space as bridging protocols and technology are connecting mainnet networks like never before. Just a year or two ago, the steps necessary to get crypto-assets from one network to another was a nightmare often consisting of multiple steps and waiting. Now, not only are people transferring crypto across chains with ease but also Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs in seconds.

Leading the way in bridging protocols is none other than the team behind the buzzing game, CryptoBlades, which launched their NFT bridge technology for their game late last year. Their bridge allowed CryptoBlades to become the first-ever crypto, blockchain-built, game to play on multiple networks—even before popular games Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Alien Worlds. Once the bridge was launched for their players, it wasn’t long before partners, investors, and competitors wanted a piece of it. After already clearing over 100,000 transfers, it has surpassed all other bridging protocols combined. The team stated they plan to have their bridging technology go public within the next few weeks. This will inevitably bring an enormous amount of demand for their services and tokens in the future.

Alongside future product licensing, CryptoBlades has launched its new NFT marketplace, Bazaar. Bazaar supports all five networks CryptoBlades runs on, allowing players to purchase NFTs on any chain with ease and bridge them to the desired one. This will be the primary market for CryptoBlades players, but that is only the beginning of their vision, says the lead market developer. “We plan to open our market to our partners, and users of any platform for that matter, to be able to view, buy, and sell as they please! Our vision is to grow this project and market to unbelievable heights, far above the likes of LooksRare and OpenSea!” Bazaar currently runs using the CryptoBlades SKILL token and there are no plans of changing that as the team opens its doors to more projects and transactions, leaving many asking the question, how high will the price of the SKILL token go?

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