The Newborn Hybrid Product ‘EARN’, Now Available on Cake DeFi

The Newborn Hybrid Product ‘EARN’, Now Available on Cake DeFi
  • The recently launched EARN will protect its users from market volatility.
  • EARN offers complete transparency and daily rewards on the blockchain.

The prominent decentralized platform, Cake DeFi, has come up with a new initiative for investors. The firm recently announced the launch of a new hybrid investment product, EARN. According to the platform, the newly released EARN will protect its consumers from market volatility. It also enables users to generate rewards through single-sided liquidity mining.

Cake DeFi co-founder and CEO, Dr. Julian Hosp stated: 

Our latest product EARN was launched to address today’s market needs. With the crypto winter settling in, investors have become increasingly risk-averse, especially since many Centralized Finance (CeFi) platforms have become insolvent or are facing liquidity issues. As a Centralized Decentralized Finance (CeDeFi) platform, our business is to provide our users with good yields on their crypto investments with complete transparency.

The Benefits of EARN

Julian Hosp additionally expressed that, with the EARN product, customers will be able to gain Bitcoin. At incomparable rates that they can follow transparently on the blockchain. They will also be protected from temporary loss by the volatility protection function, especially during periods of market volatility. 

As per Cake DeFi, the EARN product is completely transparent and will safeguard users from market instability and temporary loss while enabling them to produce competitive profits. Users can choose between DeFiChain (DFI) and Bitcoin (BTC), with a 10% annual percentage yield, to collect rewards in the native token every day (APY). Additionally, returns in EARN will be automatically compounded to produce higher yields.

Moreover, the EARN combines the high profits of liquidity mining with the low volatility often associated with crypto lending. With no counterparty risks and security against temporary loss, it is a brand-new and distinctive technique to generate cash flow from deploying current crypto assets.

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