Terra Tokens Back on Track, High Performance in Every Aspect

Terra Tokens Back on Track, High Performance in Every Aspect
  • The market cap has increased by $600 M for LUNC and $900 M for USTC.
  • The price also skyrocketed from their ATL in May and is soon to reach ATH.

The crypto projects, LUNC and USTC which everyone assumed to be out of the market are gaining their place again. Investors are pouring out their funds to invest in them. The market cap of LUNC saw an increase of $600 million, and the USTC market cap grew up to $900 million.

Terra Token’s Market Cap (Source: CMC)

The price of the tokens also increased majorly, and the terra tokens prices aroused massively. From $0.00005883 it moved to $0.001533 within a 3 days gap. Coming to USTC, the price was $0.01727 on June 26 and the peak as of today is $0.08932. 

Looking into the trading volume in the past 24 hrs, Terra Classic (LUNC) has an 86.25% surge that is $988 million as of now and TerraClassicUSD (USTC) has a 197.86% surge that is $366 million. The circulating supply of LUNC is 6554.91B and the USTC is 10.25B. 

Reason for Price Surge

Traders are cheering up the old terra tokens after a month from the disastrous collapse. There is no evidence backing for this hike but one visible cause is the adoption of LUNC as the payment in the metaverse, starship.

The point to be noted at present is that the tickers are considerably far away from their All Time Low (ATL), LUNC is 724.08% hiked and USTC is 1170%. Parallelly, All-Time High (ATH) seems an achievable goal now, LUNC & USTC are 100%, and 92.46% away respectively.

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