Tech Mahindra Partners With StaTwig to Trace Global Vaccine

Tech Mahindra Partners With StaTwig to Trace Global Vaccine

Indian multinational IT company Tech Mahindra joins with StaTwig, a blockchain startup to provide a traceability solution for Covid-19 vaccine supply chain. This partnership implements a “VaccineLedger” to predict and prevent failures in supply chains, expired vaccines, and out of stock. 

VaccineLedger as a traceability solution

Notably, through this partnership Tech Mahindra and StaTwig will work together to provide a blockchain based traceability solution. The firm created a blockchain system to trace vaccines from manufacturers to consumers. 

Moreover, StaTwig, a blockchain startup based in Hyderabad and Singapore, created the digital system which serves as a global solution. This blockchain system supports covid vaccine researchers, governments, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers-distributors and health-care workers. 

To be noted, 1 million Pfizer in Israel were dumped  after a failed UK swap deal . In reports the vaccines are about to expire on July 30. The Israel government stated the vaccine swap failure is due to some technical issues. These prominent issues related to vaccines are revolving around the world. In order to tackle these problems both companies implemented the VaccineLedger as a worldwide solution. 

Blockchain and Cybersecurity Leader of Tech Mahindra, Rajesh Dhuddu says,

“Our strategic partnership with StaTwig will enable supply chain participants with a single application to enhance traceability, and chain of custody.”

In addition, he also shares wastage of life saving drugs such as vaccines should be addressed in advance.  And we need to serve together in order to effectively find a global solution. Hence the solution provider reflects  immediate results in the deployed countries.

More so, the CEO of StaTwig Sid Chakravarthy comments, 

“With the help of VaccineLedger, vaccine manufacturers and governments can work together to prevent counterfeiting, cold-chain failures and stock outs. We also aim to re-design the traditional supply chain information systems to give continuous visibility and complete traceability.”

Therefore, at present blockchain platforms play a vital role for the businesses of many organizations.  It enhances the technologies and serves as the foundation for digital transformation of many companies. As a result, in this pandemic situation blockchain performs to manage digital health records and vaccination reports.

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