Tech Giant Samsung Developing Extended Reality Headset For Metaverse

  • Qualcomm, a chipmaker, and Google are partners, as per Samsung.
  • Samsung follows a long line of companies that have previously released metaverse devices.

The South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced its intention to compete in the growing metaverse and VR (virtual reality) headset markets. The firm has hinted at the development of a virtual reality headset by announcing the development of “extended reality” gear.

A similar gadget is under development, according to TM Roh, head of Samsung Mobile Experiences, although he did not provide a debut date for the hardware. Qualcomm, a chipmaker, and Google, however, were partners, as he had stated.

Ro elaborated on why Samsung waited to enter the market, noting that the industry wasn’t prepared for the product and that comparable gadgets released by rivals had not met with the predicted success.

Metaverse Might Completely Replace Smartphones

Samsung follows a long line of companies that have previously released metaverse devices, such as Meta and HTC, and others that promise to do so soon, such as Apple. 

Moreover, Samsung’s eagerness to enter what is shaping out to be a crowded industry may provide the solution to an expansion drive away from conventional smartphones and toward something else. Another smartphone technology giant, Nokia, has forecast that by the end of the decade, metaverse technology would completely replace smartphones.

Ro, on the other hand, is certain that the current batch of smartphones is safe from this new breed of gadgets. According to Roh, the metaverse and smartphones may work together to enhance users’ experiences and allow them to progress. Samsung has previously made a number of investments in metaverse-related ventures, so the company’s interest is not new.

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