Crypto Experts Expect “Hyperbitcoinization” Takes Place In 2040

Crypto experts expect “hyperbitcoinization” takes place in 2040 50% of the suspectors believe Bitcoin will surpass fiat money. Bitcoin couldn’t

6 months ago 2 mins read

40% Of Crypto Investors Plan To Increase Their Crypto Holdings

40% of Crypto investors plan to increase their crypto holdings Nickel Digital Asset Management organized the survey. Only 1% are

7 months ago 2 mins read

44% Of Experts Say Bitcoin Drops Below $30K at Year End

CNBC conducted a Quarterly Survey from June 23rd to 30th. 44% of experts and investors predict Bitcoin falls below $30K

7 months ago 3 mins read

Real Research Offers Blockchain-Powered Private Surveys

Real Research is a respected survey conduction platform and is powered by blockchain technology. The project is run by the

8 months ago 3 mins read