HumCen Global and Plugin Collaborates Together To Integrate the Blockchain & IP Sector

In today’s highly digitized economy, innovators keep coming up with new ideas and concepts that have the potential to transform

2 weeks ago 5 mins read

Plugin’s Weather Forecast Node Is Here to Solve the Weather Data Problem

Plugin’s Weather Forecast Node enables efficient weather data through blockchain mitigating the problems of climate change. Plugin comes with a

3 months ago 5 mins read

XinFin Based Plugin- The Next Gen Reliable Oracle Service Provider

The XinFin Decentralized Oracle Platform Plugin provides low-cost smart contract solutions. The Plugin also improves scalability and security for blockchain

10 months ago 3 mins read

Plugin — Most Reliable and Trustworthy Decentralized Oracle Service

Today the need of the hour is decentralizing, in order to solve security issues and provide a reliable system. Decentralized

11 months ago 3 mins read