New York

New York-Based Nightclub Collaborates With Coinbase to Start Accepting Crypto

The company is working with Moonwalk to bring NFTs to market. The option allows customers to pay with cryptocurrency exactly

2 months ago 2 mins read

NYC Mayor Vows to Support Crypto Despite Losing 16% of Paycheck

Adams’ compensation has been slashed by more than 16%. Paid in US dollars and subsequently converted to the flagship cryptocurrency.

4 months ago 2 mins read

New York Attorney General Shuts Two Crypto Platforms

The New York Attorney General stops two crypto platforms functioning immediately. Questioning letters sent to three more crypto platforms. All

7 months ago 3 mins read

New York Becomes First Choice for Bitcoin (BTC) Mining

New York becomes the most desirable state in the U.S for BTC mining . 20% of BTC hash rates originate

7 months ago 3 mins read

NYAG Wins the Case and Closes Coinseed Exchange Permanently

The Attorney General of New York Democrat Letitia James has permanently shut down the Coinseed crypto exchange. The exchange has

8 months ago 2 mins read

Cohen’s Hedge Fund Point72 Hires a “Crypto Head”

New York billionaire Steve Cohen’s Hedge fund Point72 holds $22B worth of assets.  The management is currently ready to hire

11 months ago 2 mins read