Shanghai Residents Switch to NFT Showcasing Hardships During Lockdown

There’s a famous six-minute movie here called ‘Voices of April.’ It is irretrievable when an NFT is coined or uploaded

9 months ago 2 mins read

Chinese Regulators Warns About Scams Of Metaverse Projects

China is one major country where the trend of cryptocurrencies evolved at a rapid pace and the adoption was huge.

12 months ago 2 mins read

China’s Metaverse Version Might Not Support Decentralized Infrastructure

The gap between China’s metaverse and the United States would be evident. President Martin Lau termed the metaverse a “real

12 months ago 2 mins read

Asian Countries Strong Contender for Crypto Adoption Despite China’s Stand

China’s political and economic changes dominated last year’s headlines in Asia. The Monetary Authority of Singapore has set a high

12 months ago 2 mins read

China Plans to Create Separate Blockchain Infrastructure to Legalize Only NFT

Red Date Technology aims to develop a compliant NFT platform. Ethereum and WeBank’s Fisco Bcos will be part of the

1 year ago 2 mins read

Shanghai Incorporates Metaverse for Various Economic Developments

Shanghai puts forth plans of adopting Metaverse. Metaverse technology to be used for economic developments through all sorts of industries

1 year ago 2 mins read

China’s Crypto & Bitcoin (BTC) Ban as Dreadful as Ever!

Additional rules and regulations imposed for the crypto industry in China. Even off-shore crypto trading now becomes illegal.  China’s Judicial

1 year ago 3 mins read

Binance Shuts Down In Hong Kong Too!

Despite plenty of allegations and criminal charges put forth by many crypto-regulated nations all over the world, Binance now starts

1 year ago 3 mins read

Taiwan Could Be the Next Crypto Haven For Miners

The new crackdown by the Communist Government of China against digital currency, including mining, has prompted an exodus of miners.

2 years ago 3 mins read

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Trends in Korea, China, Russia, and Japan

A recent survey about the crypto market trends in China, Japan, Korea and Russia.  In China both NFT products and

2 years ago 3 mins read