Wed, July 17

Binance Coin (BNB) Price Poised for Major Breakout Amid Rising Market Volatility

In contrast to the broader market trend, Binance Coin (BNB) has showcased a notable bullish jump, gaining approximately 7% over the past day. Moreover, the token has added an impressive 11.3% over the past seven days, signaling a growing interest among investors in the Binance ecosystem. Binance Coin Price on

June 4, 2024 1 min read

Will BNB Surpass Its All-Time High with This Bullish Rebound?

Over the weekend, Bitcoin stayed relatively quiet without much movement, but Monday saw a surge as it surpassed $69,000 for the first time this month. Altcoins followed suit, experiencing minor gains alongside BTC. Ethereum rose by 1% to reclaim the $3,800 level. Among the larger-cap altcoins, Binance Coin (BNB) stood

June 3, 2024 2 mins read

Top 3 Crypto Coins Showing Massive Potential to Consider Adding to Your Portfolio

Identifying assets with substantial potential is crucial for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on emerging trends in the crypto sector.While the crypto market is filled with a plethora of options, three coins stand out for their innovative features, strong fundamentals, and promising outlook for the future.Let’s look

April 6, 2024 4 mins read

Binance (BNB) Investors Hedge Their Bull Run Gains With New $0.0181 Cryptocurrency

A recent trend has seen investors of Binance Coin (BNB), buoyed by a substantial bull run, turning their attention towards hedging their gains with a new, promising cryptocurrency priced at $0.0181, presumably Option2Trade (O2T). This strategic shift not only underscores the evolving nature of investment strategies in the crypto space

March 20, 2024 4 mins read

BNB Crosses $500, All-Time High in March?

The global cryptocurrency market surged to unprecedented heights, led by Bitcoin’s significant rally to surpass the $72,200 mark. Riding on this wave of resurgence, altcoins also experienced a remarkable uptrend, notably Binance’s BNB token, which displayed a strong recovery with a succession of bullish candles in its daily chart. This

March 11, 2024 1 min read

Binance Coin (BNB) Heading to $400, Will it Sustain the Uptrend?

Despite significant selling pressure over the global crypto market, Binance’s native token BNB has emerged as a standout performer, exhibiting a notable 7.50% surge over the last 24 hours accompanied by a 90% increase in trading volumes to exceed $2.62 billion. At the time of writing, Binance Coin (BNB) is

February 22, 2024 2 mins read

Bull Strength Dwindles as Binance Coin (BNB) Trends Southwards

At the start of the day, the Binance Coin (BNB) market was dominated by bears, with prices plummeting to a low of $273.93. On the other hand, the bulls came in to reject this unfavorable trend, increasing the price by 7% to $290.94.  Throughout the day, BNB’s bullish trend established

December 13, 2022 2 mins read

5 Best Crypto To Buy This Month: BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB, SOL

Top 5 crypto to buy this month — BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB, SOL. Bitcoin (BTC) is the prime crypto asset in the trending market. Digital assets have been the top-performing asset class for most of this year as the world struggles with the global pandemic. Surpassing a $2 trillion value,

September 12, 2021 3 mins read