TacoCat Brings in Smart NFT Features Joining With Phantasma

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TacoCat ecosystem company is happy to announce its partnership with Phantasma. Thereby focusing on integrating the smart NFT features for Gamers & Player Investors. Through this partnership the users will be able to experience multiple additional P2E games plugged into Phantasma’s powerful blockchain.  

More so, TacoCat will use the Smart NFTs within their ecosystem as they are about to launch the “Wildcard” – The Play2Earn game soon. Thus, the Smart NFT technology will offer additional utility which designs Wildcard game to be more interesting and dynamic. 

NFTs into Crypto Gaming

TacoCat company owns a utility token (TCT) which is the backbone of the entire ecosystem and functions as a custom-built BSC smart contract. Being an innovative blockchain community, TacoCat stands for bringing Crypto to the Mainstream. Thus, ensuring its users to experience crypto in a more accessible way and easier to understand.

As TacoCat will launch its P2E Wildcard game in Q1, 2022, it is focusing on bringing the Smart NFT features into its ecosystem. Interestingly, the Wildcard game is an EIGHTIES themed, card-collectible video game. Which works on blockchain technology – where winning also accounts as earning. 

Further, this partnership will result Wildcard to operate on the Phantasma as a dApp which functions independently within the blockchain platform. In addition, Phantasma remarks to be the one of the first chains to provide this new NFT technology. Moreover, TCT and Wildcard owners will soon dive into the NFT world with an advanced gameplay experience. 

Additionally, TacoCat CTO and Wildcard game designer- Derek LaPorte shares, 

“TCT partnership with Phantasma will turn out Wildcard to be a revolutionary strategic card game unlike games. And Phantasma is the right fit with its top-notch technology features. Thus, our team is proud to build the future with Phantasma, thereby moving forward with limits of play together.”

However, this smart partnership will enable TCT to score more innovative players, artists and developers. Along with multilayered and programmable Smart NFT technology. Thus, 2022 will be a great year for all TacoCat investors with an exciting crypto gaming universe. 

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