SYN CITY’s Mafia Metaverse Secures $8M To Boost Crypto Gaming Wars

SYN CITY’s Mafia Metaverse Secures $8M To Boost Crypto Gaming Wars

SYN CITY introduces a new Mafia metaverse gaming platform which enables the gamers to play free and earn the rewards. It is a unique governance system officially named as Mafia-as-a-DAO or MaaD. Notably, the Mafia and the underworld syndicates is one of the most popular genres among all entertainment platforms globally.

Most importantly, SYN CITY is launching this new metaverse to attract and build large users to experience the crypto games. Thus, two big business giants namely, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan and Zynga China’s co-founder Robin Chan’s Goat Capital, A&T Capital initiates to be a part of the Mafia community. 

Significantly, SYN CITY secures a remarkable investment around $8 million from these great angel investors. Through this, the popular gaming engine will develop innovative features for its gamers in its network. 

Mafia Crypto Wars

SYN CITY acts as a safe bridge fixing the gaps between real-world NFT utilities and DeFi functions.  In the competitive gaming world, SYN CITY initiated to launch a game free to play and Play to earn through its Metaverse gaming network. Besides, it is really an innovation to introduce Mafia as a DAO (MaaD) system. 

Moreover, the gaming platform is built in such a way where the players can track their daily events. Like PvE, PvP, and Syndicate events such as cross-chain tournaments. Additionally, this unique gaming project includes popular gaming and tech veterans selected from Disney, Ubisoft, Roblox, EA, Gameloft, Google, and Twitter. 

In regards with the new launch, the Co-founder of SYN CITY shares, 

“The new Mafia metaverse will bring in equal rights for everyone who can play or earn from the game in the modern crypto era. If Call of Duty can become F2P, why can’t crypto games.”

More so, Robin Chan comments saying SYN CITY will build a super exciting metaverse. Thus, SYN CITY is ready to lead the paradigm shift of the mafia metaverse world. 

In addition, to celebrate the success of the launch of the SYN CITY community, first 10K  SYN CITY members on the discord server can participate in a huge Mystery Mafia giveaway organized by popular celebrities.  

However, Mafia metaverse is creating a huge hype among the players, investors, and to the entire gaming industry.

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