Swiss McDonald’s Accepts BTC and Tether Payments

Swiss McDonald’s Accepts BTC and Tether Payments
  • McDonald’s starts accepting BTC and USDT payments in Switzerland.
  • Lugano city’s McDonald’s to be the first to accept crypto payments.
  • City of Lugano is keen on making the city completely crypto based.

McDonald’s, the world’s one of the first widely spread out multinational global fast food chains, has been accepting crypto and most importantly Bitcoin (BTC) payments for a long time. This eventually started when El Salvador officially made BTC as its legal tender back in September, 2021. 

Ever since then, all the McDonald’s outlets in El Salvador have been accepting BTC as a prominent payment means. Likewise, the City of Lugano, an Italian dominant province of eastern Switzerland has been actively trying to make itself the crypto capital of Europe. In such terms, the McDonald’s outlets in the City of Lugano have started to accept crypto payments. 

Cryptoic Views of Lugano

Upon a video that surfaced on Twitter recently, the one minute video shows how one can use the digital kiosk machine in McDonald’s of City of Lugano to order their food. In that video, the digital credit card machine has the options and denotations of the BTC and the Tether (USDT) symbols. 

As of now, all the McDonald’s outlets in the City of Lugano are actively accepting both BTC and USDT payments. Apart from all this, maybe soon McDonald’s outlets in the City of Lugano might start accepting LVGA tokens too. This may be highly possible soon, as the City of Lugano has officially declared way back in March, 2022 that it would be making BTC, USDT and LVGA as its legal tender. 

The LVGA token is the official digital token of the City of Lugano. And so, it has since then promoted the use of LVGA of a rather hefty scale from government bus fares, grocery shops, and much more.

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