SushiSwap’s Roadmap for 2023 Focuses on the User Experience

  • Sushi’s CEO said that the initiatives create a market-leading DEX that is user-centric.
  • SushiSwap’s roadmap for 2023 includes new DEX aggregators.

The CEO of the most widely prominent decentralized platform, Sushiswap, Jared Grey has announced various awaited platform changes as well as a protocol 2023 roadmap. Sushi will become the market-leading DEX, with a focus on the user experience. Sushi’s CEO stated that a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator would be released in the first quarter. And with a decentralized incubator planned for 2023.

In a blog post, the CEO explained that DeFi will primarily focus on its product stack. In accordance with previous objectives to make sushi more sustainable. He also revealed that the upcoming DEX aggregator, a tool provided to several DeFi protocols. It was built in stealth mode throughout last year and is part of its aim to increase the scalability and sustainability of its business.

SushiSwap’s Renewal Features

Sushi Studios, also known as decentralized incubators, will license the brand new to undertake autonomous funding projects to promote the ecosystem’s growth without putting pressure on the DAO treasury.

Grey also stated that he has numerous stealth initiatives in the works, with the NFTs marketplace, Shoyu, set to launch in Q1 alongside the DEX platform.

Sushi’s other 2023 ambitions include the creation of a governance dashboard and a concentration on user experience. Sushi’s budget and crypto wallets for each project, as well as treasury expenditure audit findings, are also displayed on the dashboard.

Grey also stated that 

“They will ultimately provide deep liquidity, optimal pricing, sustainable tokenomics, and an easy-to-use platform, and will place first in everything they build.”

According to DeFiLlama statistics, the SushiSwap, The DEX has about $453.88m in total value locked. The Ethereum assets are worth $326.45 million.

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