SubQuery Extends Its Indexing Services to Terra Ecosystem Starting Today

SubQuery Extends Its Indexing Services to Terra Ecosystem Starting Today

SubQuery is delighted to announce its entry into the Terra ecosystem. As the dominant data indexing solution in Polkadot and Avalanche, it was only logical to deliver on the ambition of providing a flexible and scalable solution to developers in other ecosystems after establishing itself as a leading solution.

By sending hundreds of millions of requests per day to several Polkadot ecosystem projects, SubQuery has grown rapidly since its inception in 2021. However, developers have never had it so easy to analyze and manipulate on-chain data using indexing technology. SubQuery reduces the requirement for specialized data processing servers by abstracting the backend. As a result, developers may concentrate on product development and user experience rather than designing their own querying systems.

The SubQuery ecosystem’s additional resources and capabilities — such as documentation, developer support, and free managed hosting — will be made available to Terra users via SubQuery.

SubQuery is presently working on decentralizing and tokenizing the protocol to launch the SubQuery Network in the second quarter of 2022. Innovating in payment methods and supporting indexing Terra projects from the start, the SubQuery Network will be straightforward and open to everyone.

Additionally, SubQuery has a prioritized list of additional Layer 1 blockchains that it plans to support shortly. It is recommended that developers interested in working with SubQuery use the Grants Program. Today is an important day for Terra developers, as the chain is set to launch its first indexing protocol. Terra has been added to SubQuery’s indexing options, joining Avalanche and Polkadot.

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