Starbucks to Brew Its Own NFTs

  • Starbucks to bring forth its own NFTs in 2022. 
  • CEO confident of the new NFT plans, for a better future.
  • States new plans for betterment of the employees directly.

To be quite frank, Starbucks current revelation of its plans for its entry into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sector is indeed a delay. As other likewise brands and establishments have already started up their step towards the future in the digital market, Starbucks has been quite set back.

However, the founder and the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz revealed their plans for their entry into the NFT sector. Being the new interim, for the every first day of his role, the CEO states that his first action will be entering into NFTs. 

The CEO’s NFT Plans

Accordingly, Howard Schultz states that within the year 2022, Satrbucks will be launching its own array of NFTs. Moreover, with this, the CEO terms that this will completely reimagine the future for the firm. 

Also, Howard Schultz put forth his entire plans towards the NFTs initiative. In the context, Howard Schultz clearly depicts indirectly that the cryptocurrency and the NFTs will indeed play a major role towards the upbringing and development of the company. 

However, tensions arose, as instead of addressing the current issues faced by the company, Howard took on his plans of NFTs. Currently, the employees of Starbucks are all over planning to merge together to create a union, describing their issues with the wages and much more.

 In such a circumstance, new plans for the future are quite not well received by the employees. In spite of this, Howard further claimed that inorder to address the issues of the employees, he will be directly involved together with them to sort everything out. 

Furthermore, Starbucks steps towards the digital world will be the only way to succeed together into the future states, Howard. This will also evade the dipping of the Starbucks stock SBUK, acclaims the CEO. 

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