Solana New Product Challenges Smartphone Manufacturers

Solana New Product Challenges Smartphone Manufacturers
  • Solana is developing a new web3-friendly mobile and released Solana Mobile Stack.
  • Saga – SMS includes seed vault, Solana Pay, and dapp store for the android platform.

The web 3 adoption and crypto inclusion has been enormous in the past decade. The spread of digital assets and virtual currency acceptance around the globe is massive. But the barrier as of now is the non-adaptability of web 3 in the mobile platform. Solana is taking steps to solve this issue by launching web3 – friendly mobile phones.

In the last few years, Solana as a token and network has seen notable growth in the market. The ecosystem has gained a unique place for itself within two years of launching time. And in the Saga, new Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) launch report they have mentioned their never-ending hunger for development.

Solana states

“Solana ecosystem developers have a hunger for constant improvement.”

Solana Mobile Stack Package

The Solana engineering labs reported that they have been working on the web3 mobile for a year and on June 23, they launched an open-source Solana mobile stack for android. SMS includes an inbuilt seed vault for secure transactions, which will be compatible with every other platform.

The package also contains a Solana dapp store, which is specialized for android. Along with it, Solana pay will also be available for android users. Anatoly Yakovenko, Founder and CEO of Solana states that Saga SMS will be the secure, biometric integrated solution that was long dreamed of by the consumers of crypto.

The CEO also bashed the major smartphone developer in the report, mentioning the lack of interest in the firms to incorporate the web3, crypto, and blockchain technology. And he was also bold enough to name those manufacturers, like Google and Apple.

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