Solana-based Racing Game Opens up Web3 Space for Mobile Gamers

With the newest update to MixMob’s card combat racing game on the Solana blockchain, users may compete for prizes, stream, wager on racers, and enjoy the game on the go, thanks to mobile support.

Over the last decade, the online gaming industry has undergone a transition that has surpassed virtually all other legacy industries. From less than 2 billion players in 2015 to more than 3 billion players today, what was once considered a teen pastime has become a worldwide phenomenon that spans age, gender, and region. 

The Rise of NFTs and Web3 Gaming

The 2021 NFT boom heralded a new era of innovation and speculation about how Web3 could transform online gaming. The main idea behind web3 gaming was that players would own, get, and trade different items and other resources outside of the game in third-party marketplaces. According to Bitkraft, the value of blockchain games will grow to $50 billion by 2025, and it is the fastest sub-domain in the gaming business.

The popularity of Web3 games has also recently spiked. To take advantage of the growing market for Web3 games, MixMob has just launched its “Got SUD$” (Subdomain Dollars) campaign. The campaign’s virtual currency will be released in the next version of MixMob: Racer 1, Alpha.

The release states that using SUD$, gamers can enter Arenas and compete in Rookie, Hero, and Degen modes to earn more SUD$ tokens. The game’s new and improved streaming and wagering capabilities allow even non-racers to make SUD$. The SUD$ can later be traded for digital collectibles, season game passes, and other cool incentives.

The Solana-powered MixMob: Racer 1 is also available on mobile, and MixMob expects to draw in many more players. MixMob: Racer 1 has been updated with new features that make it easier to use and interact with other players, including SUD$, a mobile version, wagering and streaming, improved graphics, and other features.

MixMob Racer 1 Driving In-game Economy

The health of the in-game economy is essential to the game’s overall success. This is the most crucial thing in blockchain games where real money, or at least fungible tokens, are at stake. It needs a primarily stable economy, can support itself, and gives gamers and investors a good return on their money. Using hundreds of simulations run by its data scientists, MixMob has tested the economics and built a sustainable model for the project and its players, according to the press release.

Subdomain Dollars, known as SUD$, are the units of currency used in the MixMob universe and are named for the Subdomain where all MixMob members live. SUD$ are the currency that may be used in the game to make a wager, buy digital items, and much more.

SUD$ may only be used within the MixMob ecosystem as a unidirectional token. As a result, MixMob can maintain economic equilibrium without the usual uncertainties associated with free markets. Solana is unique since it is the only chain that can provide a unidirectional token, which is precisely what MixMob requires.