SoftConstruct’s Fastex Secures $23.2M in Burgeoning Token Sale

After completing its private and public sale of Fasttoken (FTN), a part of the Fastex web3 ecosystem developed by SoftConstruct, has raised $23.2 million. The public was given access to FTN, the official cryptocurrency of the Fastex ecosystem, on January 18 as part of a token creation event that was completely sold out in less than three days. Prior to it, FTN was strategically sold to private investors.

FTN is at the core of Fastex’s web3 economy, which will also feature a Fastex Exchange for spot trading, ftNFT, an NFT marketplace, Fastex Pay for cryptocurrency payments, and FastexVerse, a gaming metaverse. More than 100 game companies have already collaborated with Fastex, and FTN will be a key component in powering their GameFi offerings.

SoftConstruct Co-Founder Vigen Badalyan said:

“We’re excited for the next phase of growth for Fasttoken and the Fastex ecosystem. Our goal has always been to bring the benefits of web3 to game players and our gaming partners and we’re laser-focused to make that happen. We are also immensely grateful to the more than 100 gaming partners who have chosen to adopt Fasttoken as their in-game token.”

Fastex integrates an EVM public chain with a collection of DeFi primitives to create an all-encompassing gaming ecosystem that supports everything from trading to saving. Users may access the entire range of on-chain apps with the help of unified wallet accounts since they just need to provide KYC information once.

All web3 services and products offered by Fastex, including B2C and P2P payment options, will use FTN as their utility token. The introduction of Fastex Chain will make it possible for FTN to be used for block validation and staking, securing the whole network with a cutting-edge Proof-of-Staked-Activity (POSA) consensus.

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