NAGAX Announces Launch Date, Opens Pre-Registration Up to $35K in Promotional Prizes

On 7th of March as a last date ,the social trading platform, NAGAX, announced the official pre-registration to the platform – when the official release of the platform is scheduled. 

To become the first traders, pre-registration or whitelisting period gives chance to experience the vast features offered on the platform. With the launch of whitelisting, in assorted rewards the platform is also launching three promotions with up to $35,000 together  participants won the airdrops.

Across the three participants,the first promotion has a total of $10,000 to be split that would help promote the NAGAX platform launch.For the three winners,there will be three prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000 paid in USDT.

To the favorite social media platform or Telegram group (crypto-related)  participants need to head over and  spread the good word about NAGAX features, ecosystem and launch date together with the link to the Telegram channel and website. Screenshot proofs as well as the email you used to sign in on NAGAX, the NAGAX ID you received via email upon registration as well as your Telegram ID need to be attached on this Google form. 

To reward some of the participants , the second promotion prize pool aims to pre-register on the platform via the Whitelist. Among the first 10k registered users, five winners will be selected and each will be eligible to receive $1,000.

On follow the official NAGAX Twitter and Telegram pages participants only need to pre-register, with the email you registered at NAGAX, your ID, Telegram & Twitter usernames that follow NAGX can  fill out this Google form.

Finally, for the first 2,000 pre-registered users  the last promotion will go on and in Bitcoin (BTC) they will get to their accounts.

NAGAX  focuses on bringing crypto into the social trading space and wallet with low fees and top-tier security measures launching on the 7th of March.With 700 crypto trading pairs and a social News Feed  the platform offers to the traders to discuss news, learn new things or publish their content. 

Secured storage and exchange of over 100 assets, derivatives trading, as well as access to top quality, easily-digestible educational content to be allowed. To sell their trade insights on a subscription basis for content creators (pro traders)  in the near future the platform will also allow giving and copy traders access to all the premium content .

Featuring a spot and futures trading marketplace, staking, launchpad, a social news feed, NAGAX will evolve into a Web3 platform,where each post would be minted as NFT and NFT marketplace.

Users will receive an email with a unique whitelist ID at NAGAX, receiving future updates and developments on the platform  in the future once whitelisted.

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