Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Joins With Scream – First Ever Partnership of NFT Space With Mainstream Media

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  • Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS) Partners with upcoming film, Scream.
  • SVS and horror film joining the syndicate on January 14, 2022. 
  • A NFT project collaborates with Media world for the first time in history.  

Non fungible tokens (NFT) are emerging widely around the world, as people have started to treat them like their futures. The NFT market is receiving an enormous boost attracting people with its fine art collections, commemorative items and digital art pieces. However, continuing to be successful in the marketplace, for the first time ever, a NFT project is joining hands with Media groups/ film releases. 

Yes, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS), an independent NFT project announces a partnership deal with an upcoming horror movie, Scream. An interesting idea sparking behind this collaboration is to bring a real world utility to the entire community. Thus, SVS supports the promotions of the latest film, “Scream” , releasing on January 14, 2022. 

NFT’s into Media world

Moreover, it is an interesting project for the real world to experience the NFT space with the streaming Media industry. To make it more lively, the SVS team is initiating a fan art contest starting on December 17, 2021. The contest continues till the Blood Raffle Entry Period which begins on January 4, 2022.

Further to be an engaging contest, both SVS and Scream movie teams can post their own fan artworks. Thus influencing the audiences using the official creative asset released as inspiration during the partnership deal. More so, the social media platforms of both SVS and ScreamMovies must perform engaging activities with the entries throughout the contest period. 

As for the first time in history, an NFT project and film industry are partnering together, free tickets and other offers are awaiting for the fans. Thus, the Blood Raffle entry period is occurring from January 4th to January 10th, 2022. During this time, the Scream movie community will be allotting many pairs of tickets for SVS holders across North America.

Exclusive Tickets upon Winning

However, these advanced screenings request the SVS holders to enter the raffle using the $BLOOD native token. Thus, the lucky holder will get a chance to win a pair of tickets to advanced screenings or the creative asset released on December 16th or a free ticket to the scary film. Notably, the SVS holders will receive a count of three $BLOOD utility tokens when they stake their NFT’s on a daily basis. 

Moreover, to make it more interactive, SVS holders are eligible to win a quantity of seats exclusively booked. And the winners of the raffle will receive the Scream and SVS branded collectibles as a memorable gift. 

Therefore, this remarkable partnership of NFT world with Film industry is triggering more curiosity for the entire marketplace. Thus, all individuals are awaiting for this collaboration to experience the real world benefits in this generation. 

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