Sleeping BTC Wallet With 321BTC Awakens After 8.8 Years!

Sleeping BTC Wallet With 321BTC Awakens After 8.8 Years!
  • BTC wallet with 321 BTC re-activated after 8.8 years.
  • The BTCs value now is about $15,103,046.
  • The owner of the wallet remains anonymous.

In spite of having a lower and quite disappointing graph for this particular time of the year, the king of crypto, the Bitcoin (BTC) still manages to make a buzz. 

Accordingly, around the early morning hours, a mysterious BTC wallet containing 321 BTCs has got reactivated after a period of 8.8 years to be precise. 

So far, for the whole period of 8.8 years the wallet has not been active or has undergone any transactions. Moreover, it’s estimated that the value of BTC corresponds to about a whopping $15,103,047 at present. 

At the same time, the value of these 321 BTCs approximated to about only $6,594 in 2013. 

In addition, the wallet was last used in 2013.This was the same time the anonymous BTC creator and Father of Cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto completely disappeared without a trace. 

The Controversy 

However, may this be a great hot news for the day, it has kindled a huge variety of speculations among the crypto industry. 

Firstly, the wallet became active after a period of 8.8 years, which is quite a lot for staking, indeed a good stake. Yet, the most intriguing part is, why does the wallet become active at such a time when the BTC is in its lows? 

Whomsoever could I be, they could have made it live back in November, when the BTC was at the height of it’s supremacy. 

Moreover, another aspect is that why the owner of the wallet remains anonymous is yet another mystery! 

In addition to all this, many even speculate that this might be for a particular reason. Either the notion of this move comprehends the optimism or pessimism on BTC, is indeed a question mark!

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