Sisley L. Leads Metaverse of the Sports Market as TVM CEO

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BLUEHBTVM CEO Sisley L. visited Seville, Spain after being invited to a LaLiga sponsorship event from November 4 to November 7.

This event was Sisley L.’s first official event after taking office as CEO with LaLiga sponsorship entrepreneurs, and it was an important event to make her name and position as CEO of the company, not an artist.

At this event, Sisley L. had a chance to share information on the ongoing metaverse production and opinions on various services to be implemented in the future with the working staff. She also shared opinions on the management direction and business scope with many sport sponsorship entrepreneurs invited to the event, and received requests to sign numerous partnerships for the future metaverse service as well as holding many meetings to review the partnerships.

LaLiga said it would build a wider consumer base in line with the global trend. In addition, the metaverse is a very important part of the business as it is a way to expand into various channels, so LaLiga recognized the need for cooperation with various sports companies and said that it would actively support collaboration.

On November 21st, a production meeting related to the opening of the LaLiga Metaverse beta version was held with all the people in charge of the LaLiga headquarters metaverse, and the meeting was successfully completed. Oscar Mayo Pardo, Executive Director of LaLiga said that he would provide full support and advocacy for the productions that can see the expectation of the service opening and the expansion of the business, which the productions contain Sisley L.’s sense as an artist and excellent planning as a businessperson.

A TVM official said, “The metaverse that has been developed so far is progressing at the highest level overseas and domestically with the production company. The basic services provided in LaLiga Metaverse are official contents of sports clubs, such as press conferences, club announcements, match highlights, and player interviews. By using blockchain technology and the non-fungible token NFT, it will be a metaverse of a new concept and will be able to communicate with fans differently than ever before.”

The LaLiga Metaverse service has implemented a more organic metaverse infrastructure by linking existing individual metaverse platforms with each other. It is not only limited to LaLiga Primera Liga, but advances to the metaverse gate of the global soccer market, and is building a system that can lead the overall metaverse of the sports market beyond soccer.

Sisley L. said that she would lead the metaverse of the sports market by advancing to the metaverse gate of sports in general, starting with the LaLiga metaverse service.

The LaLiga Metaverse service is equipped with the highest level of virtual implementation technology, and the open beta service will be held in December, and the official service will be released in February next year.



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