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Shopify Allows Merchants To Sell NFT Directly to Customers

Shopify Allows Merchants To Sell NFT Directly to Customers Market News
  • Shopify allows merchants to sell NFT directly to customers
  • The official NFT drop from Chicago Bulls.
  • The Bulls Legacy Collection will be launched more than six drops.

On Monday, President of Shopify, Harley Finkelstein announced, Shopify is now enabling merchants on its platform to sell non-fungible tokens (NFT) directly to customers.

Accordingly, Harley Finkelstein noted in his tweet that before Shopify’s move, it would have to sell NFTs through a third-party marketplace, forcing them to renounce control of the sale and the customer relationship.

Moreover, he said that the official NFT drop from Chicago Bulls, revealed last week. This will set as the first example of tech used by a Shopify partner. The first Shopify merchants to offer NFTs will be the National Basketball Association’s Chicago Bulls. This launched an NFT Legacy Collection on a day featuring the franchise’s six world championship rings.

Chicago Bulls NFT collection features digital collectibles inspired by the team’s six NBA championship wins since the 1990s. The Bulls Legacy Collection will launch more than six drops, with each token celebrating the team’s six iconic championship wins between 1991 and 1998.  The first NFT launched on July 26 and has already sold out, with the second token scheduled to launch today. And the remaining four NFTs planned to launch over the next four days.

The Bulls non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created on Dapper Labs Flow blockchain. This also used for Dapper’s own NBA Top Shot platform. Even more, Shopify’s NFT support not limited to Flow.

Furthermore, NFT is a kind of cryptocurrency that behaves like a deed of ownership to a digital item, allowing scarcity for collectibles such as video clips, artwork, photos, tweets, and interactive video game items.

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