Shiba Inu (SHIB) Blockchain Games Will Spike up SHIB Price

Shiba Eternity Game Finally Released in Australia
  • Shiba Inu enters into blockchain gaming.
  • Known as the ‘Shiba Inu games’ the expectations are high as ever.
  • With the launch of the game, the price of SHIB is expected to rise up.

The meme based crypto- the Shiba Inu (SHIB) has stolen the hearts of the entire crypto industry this year. Owing to its amazing spike up and steady surges throughout the second half of the year, I would personally vote SHIB as the altcoin of the year!

Besides, to be frank no one ever expected that the SHIB will ever tackle and dethrone the mighty Dogecoin (DOGE). However, the year 2021 has witnessed it all. 

In spite of all this, the SHIB still remains in the bullish zone for the past few months, ever since it started spiking up, till to date. 

Moreover, many speculated after its first ATH in this year that it’s too late for anyone to invest in SHIB. Yet, to everyone’s surprise, SHIB still continues to surge up constantly throughout. 

Furthermore, the main hot news for the current date is that Shiba Inu has planned strategically into entering the blockchain gaming platform. Accordingly, it’s blockchain game the ‘Shiba Inu Games’ is almost completed and is expected to be launched soon.

The Shiba Inu Games

The Shiba Inu Games is currently the biggest project Shiba Inu are currently working on. Also, the Shiba Inu Games will be a video game available primarily for mobile gaming with both Android as well as IOS. 

In addition to all this, the game is said to be entirely work upon the Shiba Inu’s very own blockchain, the Shibarium. 

Moreover, the income generated through the game app purchase will be directly used to burn both SHIB and LEASH. In such a situation, this will directly impact the price of SHIB, by increasing it by many folds. 

Development Head’s Views

Accordingly, the lead developer of SHIB, Shytoshi Kusama terms that this new project will be the complete future of blockchain gaming. 

In addition, the developer terms that they would be uniting with an AAA game studio and build the game together. Also, after extensive searches, finally a AAA game studio has accepted and agreed upon the project and the talks are on to the papers, explains Kusama. 

Besides, Kusama reveals that they will be working with William David Volk, an extinguished game designer.  

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