Sat, September 23

Shiba Inu Outlines Key Shibarium Focus Areas As Adoption Swells

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Shiba Inu Outlines Key Shibarium Focus Areas As Adoption Swells Altcoin News
  • Shiba Inu devs focus on Shibarium, planning to reduce token supply via the burn portal and BONE contract renouncement.
  • The layer-2 hits 1 million wallets, plans for third-party token bridge partnerships for interoperability.
  • Devs prioritize user growth, utility, and infrastructure in Shibarium, emphasizing real-world value and community empowerment.

The developers behind popular meme coin Shiba Inu have highlighted upcoming areas of focus as adoption of their Shibarium layer-2 blockchain continues to rise swiftly.

According to screenshots shared by team member Lucie, lead developer Shytoshi Kusama stated that the burn portal and renouncing the BONE contract are new priorities. Kusama previously noted that the burn portal was in development.

While underscoring the importance of driving SHIB adoption overall, Kusama said burns are not the sole solution. The long-awaited burn portal will help reduce token supply as the community desires.

Shibarium surpasses several milestones

Preparations are also underway to renounce the BONE contract this week, per developer updates. Additionally, Kusama mentioned a Shibarium Wiki is in progress.

Shibarium has already exceeded 1 million wallets and total transactions since its public re-launch on August 28th. Collaborations with third-party token bridges are also planned to boost interoperability.

The latest priorities indicate the team’s focus on attracting users, increasing utility, and building out essential infrastructure in Shibarium’s early days.

While speculative hype initiated SHIB’s meteoric rise, developing lasting real-world value now takes center stage. The burn portal and BONE renouncing help advance decentralization and empower the community.

The team’s emphasis on driving adoption shows their commitment to boosting daily active usage of Shibarium. Alongside hyped features like burning, fundamentals remain vital for ecosystem growth.

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