Shiba Inu Founder Ryoshi Deletes All Tweets and Posts in a Shocking Move

  • There are no longer any SHIB blogs on Medium as well.
  • The Tibetan poet and yogi Jetsun Milarepa is now Ryoshi’s profile image.

In an apparent attempt to clean up his Twitter feed, the creator of Shiba Inu, Ryoshi, has erased all of his prior posts. ‘All Hail the Shiba’ was Ryoshi’s first Shiba Inu blog. As of this writing, there are no longer any SHIB blogs on Medium, and the page reads “410. User deactivated or deleted their account.”

Precisely One Year After Last Tweet

Ryoshi’s fourth blog was published on May 30, 2021, and a year later, all of it was removed. Also, Ryoshi’s last tweet was in May of last year, and he’s since mostly avoided social media. After a year of silence, the creator has returned and deleted all of his articles and blogs and his profile photo.

The Tibetan poet and yogi Jetsun Milarepa is now Ryoshi’s profile image. A ‘half moon’ over a cloud has been added to his header photo. “SHIB and LEASH Founder. We Do it for teh ppl,” previously stated in the bio of the company’s founder. His Twitter bio is now completely blank because he erased the prior bio and all of the associated tweets and blogs.

Ryoshi’s social media presence seems to be dwindling based on the number of posts he has removed. Because of the lack of information regarding his location, the community has been left perplexed by his abrupt removal of postings. It’s unclear whether the postings have been removed in anticipation of an announcement or if the author has just departed the site.

Some Shiba Inu fans believe that Ryoshi is planning a return and an announcement on the breed’s future. We’ll have to wait and see whether his Twitter account reactivates with a new tweet before we know for sure. This occurred precisely one year after his last tweet and final blog post.

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