SHIB Shoots up 35% Upon Listing in Robinhood!

SHIB Shoots up 35% Upon Listing in Robinhood!
  • SHIB gets listed upon the Robinhood trading platform.
  • Surges a massive 35% within 24 hours.
  • High trend for SHIB reflects the near future.

It’s been quite a time since Shiba Inu (SHIB) has witnessed such surges. The last time SHIB had a good upwards graph was on 6th,February 2022, almost two months back. This is only upon taking into consideration the daily 24 hours surges. 

In such terms, on 12th April, 2022, SHIB hit a massive 35% increase just within 24 hours, reaching a high price of $0.00003. Upon analysis, it is highly evident that the major reason for such surge up for the SHIB goes to its listing in the global trading platform, Robinhood. 

The Surge and Further On

The dog-meme based coin and the direct rival to the first meme coin, the Dogecoin (DOGE), got listed by Robinhood, one of the most prominent global trading platforms, based in America. As a result of this listing, the SHIB moved up rapidly reaching a high of 35%, within just 24 hours. 

SHIB being one of the most remarkable crypto for the year 2021, has not seen to the elats half of what it underwent in 2021. This is not exceptional only for SHIB, but for the majority of cryptos. As this is the direct result of its listing in Robinhood, the high tide is expected to remain for a period. 

Moreover, the Robinhood platform has about 10 million users and accounts active spread all over the world. With many ups and downs throughout the year 2021, Robinhood is indeed all geared up for the year 2022, with the launch of its own wallet.

And so, in a notion to expand itself, it has also accepted numerous altcoins throughout 2022. There’s no doubt why SHIB surged up immediately after the listing. Indeed, this has been the same way for the prominent crypots like the Bitcoin (BTC) and the Ethereum (ETH), while they got listed on Robinhood.

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