SHIB in Focus- Metaverse, Whale purchase, Payment Acceptance

SHIB in Focus- Metaverse, Whale purchase, Payment Acceptance
  • Shib reward status updated by the ecosystem, no longer wait for users.
  • Ether whales accumulate shib tokens in large numbers.

Some recent updates regarding Shiba Inu in the past few days are the rewards update from Shiba for their Shib metaverse, large whale hold on the token, acceptance of Shib as a payment mode for top Brazil football club, and in US fast-food chain Chipotle.

The Shib- The Metaverse, started their live sale in early April and promised a 3% reward in $BONE to the initial supporters of the ecosystem. The members must have had $LEASH in the locker during the first 2 phases which are BID and HOLDER events and rewards were told to be distributed once the final PUBLIC SALE is over. 

Shiba Inu tweet:

Since the lands are still available at sales and the firm doesn’t want to make their supporters wait for more, they have updated the terms, and rewards are planned to be credited after the 90 days time frame.

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Furthermore, large whales have also accumulated many shib tokens this weekend. According to WhaleStats, Shiba has taken a position in the top 10 purchases made by the 500 enormous whales. The average purchase amount is estimated to be $357 and the number of average tokens is 33,063,782.

Source: whalestats

The token can now also be used for paying for food in the popular US fast-food Mexican restaurant chain, Chipotle. Along with the major cryptocurrency BTC, SHIB can also be used. Also, Sao Paulo football club fans can now purchase tickets via the Bitso exchange platform. The support for Shib by this Brazil FC started back in early 2021.

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