Shawn Kurz Fights Against the Global Hunger Through Blockchain Technology

  • Shawn Kurz- NBA Merch developed FoodChain Global (FCG) organization. 
  • FCG is a non-profit which employs blockchain-based ecosystems. 
  • Through FCG, Kurz initiated efforts to end the existing global hunger.

As blockchain technologies are built and designed for a variety of needs and requirements of the users, here is an innovative concept of Blockchain and food security is brought in. The special purpose of the blockchain-based ecosystem is to fight against the battle of the evolving world hunger. 

To be more interesting, Shawn Kurz- NBA merchandise designer developed FoodChain Global (FCG). It is a new non-profit organization which employs the  blockchain-based network which brings up supportive projects to eradicate global hunger. 

Kurz is focusing on ending the existing world hunger, developing blockchain technology thereby helping hands for many charitable systems. In addition to the global hunger crisis, FCG develops crypto assets like FoodChain Global token (FOOD) and non fungible tokens (NFT). Thereby creating a way to use the profits to deliver foods to food banks.

Food Security Through Blockchain Technology

As the idea and the bold initiative of Kurz, supported him to recieve help across various people. Additionally, the FCG team mainly focuses to overcome the battle of world hunger to the upcoming millennials and GenZ. That’s why, there are innovative ideas like digital products and technologies which keeps the younger generations more engaging and interactive. 

Moreover, as crypto tokens and many blockchain projects are contributing very little to the real world, Kurz is insisting on ideas to use the good side of the technology to deliver and meet the prominent needs of the world. Thus, to set an example, Kurz- founder of FCG launched Polygon-based FOOD tokens, NFTs and crypto merch clothing shops. 

Therefore, the NBA merch and the founder of FoodChain Global, Shawn Kurz shares,

“Many individuals who contribute to charity systems never consider receiving a physical proof of their spendings. But in the FCG system, people who buy and use FOOD tokens can simply track the movements of their assets through Polygon’s blockchain network.”

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