Seoul Launches First Public Metaverse Project For Residents

  • The Seoul government will further conduct beta testing of the metaverse project.
  • The first stage of the metaverse project cost close to $1.6 million.

Not a lot of progress was made in the metaverse in 2022. Many people have speculated that interest in the metaverse has peaked. However, at its height, major players in a wide range of ecosystems started actively seeking to trademark aspects of the metaverse. Unfortunately for the crypto market and the metaverse as a whole, 2022 was marked by a protracted bear market.

In 2023, the Seoul Metropolitan Government releases the first public metaverse project. Which is great news for the metaverse community as a whole.

Unique Experience For Residents

Following the first public release. The Seoul government will conduct beta testing of the metaverse project, according to a press statement issued on January 16. Seoul residents will be able to meet and talk in the city’s new metaverse.

Furthermore, residents will be able to virtually visit any tourist spot, see government papers, lodge complaints, and get responses to questions about municipal tax returns. According to the most recent data, the first stage of the metaverse project cost close to $1.6 million.

In the next stage of this initiative, the government will target the elderly population that will have a hard time making the round-trip commute to the workplace for various tasks. Moreover, Metaverse adoption was on the low side in 2022, but a brightening economic climate should boost that number in 2023.

Following Facebook’s renaming to Meta in October 2021, reports claim that interest in the metaverse skyrocketed throughout the world, leading several businesses to announce their intention to establish virtual branches.

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