Sega To Build First Blockchain Based Games

Sega To Build First Blockchain Based Games
  • The game will be developed with Oasys.
  • Double Jump Tokyo intends to use the Sangokushi Taisen IP from Sega.

One of the major Japanese gaming firms, Sega, has announced that it is partnering with Double Jump Tokyo, another Japanese game development company to launch its first blockchain game. 

Double Jump Tokyo intends to use the Sangokushi Taisen IP from Sega Corporation, which has stunning Japanese artwork that players can admire while playing. And to include blockchain features, Oasys, a Japanese scaling-focused project, will be utilized to build the game.

Hironobu Ueno, CEO, and founder of Double Jump Tokyo said in a recent announcement;

With a unique architecture optimized for blockchain games, Oasys aims to solve obstacles for gamers, offering fast transactions and zero gas fees and providing users with a more comfortable gameplay experience

Sega’s Intension on Blockchain Game

The real-time strategy game Sangokushi Taisen is mostly played in Japanese arcades. This Sangokushi Taisen series of strategy games would let users use digital playing cards in a virtual gaming world. Also, the game design makes it easy to integrate blockchain components, such as the tokenization of some in-game assets and the trading ability of the cards.

Meanwhile, none of the companies have stated how these blockchain components will be implemented into the gameplay. Also, Sega has not yet disclosed an approximate release date for the game. Moreover, in 1994, the SEGA VR-1 headset developed by Sega  is the metaverse industry’s first VR equipment. Countries that benefited from this were Sydney, London, and Japan. Additionally, this year has witnessed a rise in the use of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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