SEC vs Ripple (XRP) Lawsuit’s Current Updates

XRP Investors Optimistic Following Summary Judgement Filing
  • The Chamber of Digital Commerce filed a motion to join in as the third party.
  • Ripple’s motion for summary judgment hit the public forum on Sept 17th.

The SEC vs Ripple (XRP) case has some updates, which kindly seem to be in favor of Ripple labs and its executives. On Sept 15th, the Chamber of Digital Commerce filed a motion to join in as the third party in the ongoing case.

Chamber of Digital Commerce Tweet:

The pro-blockchain organization participated in a similar case in the past also, when the conflict was between SEC and Telegram. People in favor of XRP believe the chamber can expound the differentiation between the currency and security to the court.

Ripple’s Move Forward

As per the schedule, Sept 19th is the date for the parties to file redacted briefs in support of summary judgments. And defendants, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on Sept 13th, which came to the public forum yesterday.

Stuart Alderoty, the chief attorney of Ripple, is very active on Twitter. And is also jotting down all the inside of the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit. He fiercely stands on the point that SEC is unable to prove XRP as security. 

Stuart Alderoty states:

“…..SEC is unable to identify any contract for investment (that’s what the statute requires); and cannot satisfy a single prong of the Supreme Court’s Howey test. Everything else is just noise.”

The jurisdiction of the SEC community is applicable only to the security parameters, so Stuart advises SEC to stick to that law sincerely.

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