Scammers Alert: BTC Scammers Loot $69K Via Fake iPhone13 Event

Scammers Alert: BTC Scammers Loot $69K Via Fake iPhone13 Event
  • Bitcoin scammers stole $69,000 worth of Bitcoin.
  • Users fell into the trap of scammers via the fake iPhone13 event.
  • It is not sure that users can recover their Bitcoins.

Faking a well-known brand has become an easy task for scammers to loot the money from the people. Similarly, a group of scammers has managed to steal $69,000 worth of bitcoin by faking an iPhone13 event. As we all know, Apple’s iPhone13 has been launched a week before and the interested customers were seeking for its event to watch online. 

Significantly, the scammers have created a fake Apple website and grabbed the attention of Apple enthusiasts. The scammers were streaming with the Youtube Channel video titled “Special Event for you taking place NOW:”.

Users Were Dodged

According to the reports from Zscaler, the website displayed a message which states that Apple is giving 1,000 Bitcoins. They have mentioned that Apple was giving away 1,000 Bitcoins to the ones who participate while users should send their BTC.

Notably, the website promised that they would give back Bitcoins in double what users send. It was more convincing for users, where scammers managed to receive about $69,000 worth of Bitcoin.

According to AppleInsider, the website has some errors which should have alerted the users that something isn’t right. Moreover, the firm states that they are not sure whether they can recover the stolen Bitcoin. So, users should be cautious about the website they believe in and must take a deep look at these online “offers”.

Scammers, on the other hand, have made a practice of impersonating a brand and duping users. Furthermore, the majority of crypto enthusiasts are very interested in Bitcoin, and when any Bitcoin-related offers appear, users fall into a trap and lose their assets. As a result, users must exercise caution before becoming entangled in any event.

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