Samsung’s Metaverse, ‘My House’ Skyrocket With 4 Million Users in 1 Month

Samsung’s Metaverse, ‘My House’ Skyrocket With 4 Million Users in 1 Month
  • Samsung’s own Metaverse platform, My House skyrockets.
  • In just 1 month it mounts up with more than 4 million users. 
  • Samsung is confident over gaining the youth and the future generation.

By last year, 2021, it was indeed evident that the Metaverse is going to take over the world by a huge margin. Just like how the Non Fungible Token (NFT), took over highly the crypto market, being frenzy, the Metaverse will be just doing the same for the NFT. However, not to forget the fact that, the NFT are a vital integral part of the Metaverse platforms, and so nothing could eradicate the other completely. 

As many know very well, this year is going to be a bang bang with full of Metaverse platforms. The opportunities it holds, and altogether evidently determines that the Metaverse is the future. In spite of this, all the tech giants are already in the race to bring out the best and highly compatible Metaverse ever.  In such terms, the South Korean tech giant, Samsung too has entered into the Metaverse race long back. 

Samsung’s My House Epics 

Samsung banged up the CES 2022, on January 6, 2022, with launching it’s very own Metaverse world, ‘My House’. This was indeed one of the most hot highlights of the CES 2022. In order to bring forth the project, Samsung joined hands with the 3D digital avatar creator, the Zepeto. 

Besides being just a social media app, the Zepeto specializes in creating different digital rendered 3D images and characters of the users, which the users could use on. Zepeto would be evidently the major 3D character creator for the users upon the Samsung’s ‘My House’ Metaverse. 

Upon the ‘My House’ Metaverse, the users will be having their own choice and self rendered 3D portrayal of themselves. Also, they could get a house on the ‘My House’ Metaverse too. Apart from that, the major league where Samsung takes it’s Metaverse to the next level is by giving an infinite number of decoration options, from electronic appliances, to furniture and many more, all revolving around the Samsung world.  

Furthermore, being just about a month old, the My House Metaverse platform has so far had about more than 4 million users. In spite of this, the Chief of Samsung Global Marketing Center, Young–Hee Lee says that  they will be purely focusing upon the upcoming generation and the young youth.

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