Samsung to Plant 2M Trees With Blockchain Technology

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  • Samsung plans to plant 2 million trees with Veritree.
  • The blockchain driven plan is to combat the C02 emissions.
  • Blockchain technology will enable tracking the trees planted.

Seems Samsung has completely submerged itself into the blockchain technology and all set for the future. With the announcements from the CES Conference held in Las Vegas, on January 3, 2022, all the plans of Samsung are to be revolving around the maximum utilization of the blockchain technology. 

Accordingly, Samsung plans to use blockchain driven technology to mitigate and combat climate changes. 

Samsung Planting of 2 Million Trees 

Samsung officially announced in the CES Conference in Las Vegas, on January 3, 2022 that it will be planting about two million mangrove trees. In addition Samsung reveals that they will complete this climate change project within April 2022. 

In spite of this, Sansung states that it has partnered with Veritree. Veritree is a global blockchain solutions provider focused towards nature based environmental protection projects. Also, the blockchain solution provided by the Veritree will enable Sansung to monitor the complete planting of these two million mangrove trees and track if each of them are being planted. 

Besides, the Veritree actually comes under tentree, and uses the Cardano blockchain as the network’s base. 

Samsung’s Ideologies 

Apart from above, Samsung states that the sole goal of this project is to restore about 200 hectares of land with trees. In spite of this Samsung points out that this will eliminate the Co2 rates. It’s estimated that this could capture and nullify the Co2 about 1 billion pounds in approximately 25 years. 

In addition, the head of corporate sustainability of Samsung, Mark Newton states that investing into technologies that are basically nature based projects are essential to combat climate changes. Also, Samsung states that the mangrove trees are the best in reducing the Co2 levels in the atmosphere radically. 

Besides, including the mangrove plantation project, Samsung also revealed its plans to bring up a new line of smart TVs along with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) integrations too. 

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