ROCO Differentiates Between Blockchain-Based and Traditional Games

  • Gaming tokens created a buzz among the crypto industry since its inception.
  • Roco Foundation clearly explains the games category in the crypto industry.
  • Blockchain-based games and Traditional games are the two types.

The essential elements of the crypto industry consist of tokens that are based on NFT, DeFi, Gaming, Metaverse, Web3, Utility, Security, Governance, and so on. Significantly, the industry has various sectors and the base of each sector is distinct. As the basis, blockchain technology appears to be the core of the cryptocurrency world.

As an extensive analysis, the launch of gaming tokens and the “play-to-earn” mechanism has grabbed the attention of the entire crypto market. The gaming platform has come up with the concept of earning while you play which piqued the interest of developers and gamers. Several investors were interested in gaming platforms while tokens like Axie Infinity (AXS) went “to the moon”.

Blockchain-Based Vs Traditional Games

Consequently, the games are also categorized into two namely Blockchain-based and Traditional games. RocoFinance has shared the difference between these game structures from their official Twitter account. 

Roco is a cryptocurrency created on the AVAX network for use with partner games and the Roco Finance game ecosystem. Through the blockchain network, Roco’s primary goal is to offer services to game developers, content producers, and player communities. The firm says that blockchain-based games are different from traditional games with decentralized structures based on the Play2Earn model.

According to the definition, decentralized blockchains that combine DeFi and NFT are the platforms for blockchain-based games. While traditional games are centralized operations that use a third-party for dealing players’ transactions. Moreover, Blockchain-based has clear and transparent game data while traditional games give access to game operators for deleting and creating game data. As a result, the Roco Foundation has provided a concise explanation for learning more about gaming platforms in the crypto-market.

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