Ripple Becomes the “Gold Supporting Member” of Digital Euro Association

Ripple Becomes the “Gold Supporting Member” of Digital Euro Association
  • Ripple partners with Digital Euro Association (DEA).
  • The Partnership involves knowledge sharing for European CBDC.
  • Ripple will update the design and enhance the Euro digital currencies.

The expertise team behind Ripple (XRP) officially announces a promising partnership with the Digital Euro Association (DEA). The main aim of the collaboration is to exchange technical knowledge. And to enhance the design and updates of the central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). 

Significantly, through this partnership, Ripple will strengthen its position by joining as a new member in the Digital Euro Foundation. Interestingly, Ripple is added to the list of supporting partners in the The Digital Euro Association. And also owns a designation as per the official statement, as a CBDC research coordinator. 

Ripple –  The Member of Digital Euro Association

More so, the official partnership between the Ripple and the Digital Euro Association is signed on Feb 11, 2022. The DEA is very excited to work in the partnership with Ripple. Thereby accepting the firm behind XRP as a golden supporting member into the association.

In addition, the DEA is a Frankfurt-oriented think-tank which focuses on a variety of digital money.  Such as CBCD’s, private cryptocurrencies and also stablecoins. Moreover, the payments decacorn Ripple owns a pride to become the member of an international consortium. Due to its high level of proficiency to support the need of central bank digital currencies. 

In regards to the partnership, the chairman of the Digital Euro Association, Jonas Gross shares, 

“The Euro association is excited for the partnership with Ripple as we can expand the technological ability of the DEA community. Thus, the technological design of a CBDC will play a vital role in the near future bringing in more CBDC projects reaching expertise level worldwide.”

Thus, the Ripple community also shared its excited feeling to work with the DEA as a supporting partner in fixing the gaps in the CBDC area. Moreover, being a part of the DEA community and to exchange the knowledge to drive the growth of Digital Euro, Ripple brought in its team of 40 people globally into the CBDC network. 

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