‘RIP Twitter’ Trends Following Twitter Staffs Resignation Due to Musk’s Ultimatum

Musk Claims to Create a New Phone if Twitter Is Taken Down From App Stores
  • Many Twitter employees have resigned from the firm, after Musk’s ‘hardcore’ ultimatum.
  • Twitter’s internal chat groups are flooded with farewell messages and saluting emojis from the staff.

Following Elon Musk’s implementation of an “extremely hardcore” culture in the Twitter space, hundreds of Twitter’s employees have resigned from the company. Reportedly, Twitter’s new CEO has recently issued his “ultimatum” on the social media platform to make employees work hard. This prompted several Twitter employees, including engineers, to announce their departure. 

In response to the company’s staff’s resignation following Musk’s ultimatum, the hashtag #RIPTwitter is trending on the Twitter space. 

According to Bloomberg, Twitter closed its offices until Monday to avoid further confusion, as a large number of employees decided to leave the company.

Musk’s Mastery Over Twitter

To build Twitter 2.0, Elon Musk has urged Twitter’s staff through an email to accept the conditions such as “long working hours” and respond by 5 PM ET with a deadline. When Musk’s recent email deadline passed, hundreds of employees began writing farewell messages and saluting emojis on the company’s slack channels. For announcing their rejection of Musk’s demand, the employees also tweeted that the term at the company has come to end.

Satanjeev Banerjee, an employee tweeted: 

And just like that, after 12 years, I have left Twitter. I have nothing but love for all my fellow tweeps, past and present. A thousand faces and a thousand scenes are flashing through my mind right now – I love you Twitter and I’ll forever bleed blue.

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has been heavily criticized for making significant changes to the Twitter platform, which he recently bought for $44 billion. Earlier this month, he had fired nearly half of the company’s 7,500 employees, removed a policy allowing for work from home, and implemented long working hours.

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