Rainbow Bridge Falls Under Phishing Scam

Fraudulent Bitcoin Commodity Pool Worth $1.7B Investigated by CFTC
  • Phishing site developed for Rainbow Bridge 2.0 by scammers.
  • Users are requested to stay extra careful while transacting.

Rainbow Bridge is the bridging platform owned by Aurora, the users can transfer tokens between networks using the Metamask wallet. The site has now been copied and a phishing site is prevailing in the market.

The phishing is identical to the original in all aspects. The URL for the scam site is https://login.rainbowlbridge.app/ and the original site URL is https://rainbowbridge.app/transfer. The users have been advised to stay extra vigilant while including their wallets and phrasing seeds.

About Rainbow Bridge

The end users can transfer tokens among Ethereum, Near, and Aurora networks. The transaction time may differ between the networks, Near & Aurora transfer takes about 5 to 10 minutes. It may also take 12 hours to transfer to the Ethereum network.

The wrapping and unwrapping of the NEAR tokens can be done using Ref Finance. The transaction cost also changes from a few cents to $300.

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