Mon, July 22

Pyth Partners with Gauntlet and Morpho to Boost Lending on Base and Ethereum

Pyth Network and Ondo Finance Partner to Expand USDY's Reach Across 65+ Blockchains Blockchain News

Pyth Network, a real-time market data provider for blockchain applications, has teamed up with Gauntlet and Morpho to provide improved lending and borrowing experiences on Base and Ethereum. DeFi protocols benefit from Pyth’s dependable, low-latency price data, which gives them a competitive advantage and allows them to optimize capital efficiency for users while drastically lowering risk.

With an open, trustworthy, and effective lending primitive that facilitates the formation of permissionless markets, Morpho is upending the DeFi lending industry. Investors may control DeFi yield more easily since pre-approved businesses can use its protocol to establish custom vaults with tailored risk management requirements. DeFi protocols have total control over the liquidation loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, price oracles, collateral selection, caps, and other details because of the open nature of Morpho’s marketplace. It offers the adaptable foundation experts need to build bespoke lending vaults with dynamic tactics intended to enhance return and optimize capital efficiency.

One of the first approved vault operators on Morpho, Gauntlet is the creator of cutting-edge yield farming primitives that have grown to some of the largest DeFi protocols in the sector. It has chosen the USDC Core MetaMorpho Vault as its initial offering on Morpho, taking use of Pyth’s low-latency price oracle.

Being a trailblazer of tried-and-true DeFi yield optimization techniques founded on sensible risk, Gauntlet is well aware of how crucial precise, dependable, and low-latency asset price data is to the sound operation of lending and borrowing procedures. The design of Pyth provides much lower risk, improving the experience for Gauntlet’s vault customers. It enables vault administrators to obtain price feed data many times per second straight from the most reliable financial institutions in the world.

Matt Dobel, Gauntlet’s Head of Business Development stated:

“We are pleased to pilot Pyth price feeds for the UNI/USDC market in our USDC Core MetaMorpho vault as we seek to ensure our markets ingest robust price data at all times. As we continue curating MetaMorpho vaults, we’re thrilled to partner with Pyth to enhance user experience and safety in DeFi lending markets. Morpho’s innovative approach is driving a paradigm shift in DeFi, setting new standards for data accuracy and reliability in one of the oldest DeFi primitives. Gauntlet and Pyth are collaborating to accelerate this transition, leveraging their expertise as leaders in on-chain finance.”

Gauntlet’s choice to use Pyth’s data feeds emphasizes how advantageous its unique “pull” design is. Via the Pythnet appchain, dApps using Pyth may request low-cost, high-frequency price updates up to several times per second for over 500 on- and off-chain assets. In a period when trading volumes and liquidity are increasing, Pyth offers the DeFi sector unrivaled dependability by delivering the most recent pricing data with sub-second latency.

Since the beginning of the year, Pyth has been very successful, expanding to support over ten additional blockchain networks and amassing over $7 billion in total value locked. It presently serves over 350 DeFi protocols with a comprehensive selection of price feeds that encompasses the crypto, equities, forex, ETFs and commodities markets.

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