PUBG Enters Into Metaverse With Solana!

PUBG Enters Into Metaverse With Solana!
  • PUBG partners with Solana. 
  • Plans to enter into the Metaverse industry with a platform of its own.
  • Will raise both Metaverse and NFTs in parallel with PUBG theme completely.

Tencent’s Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) could be said to be the epic game of the century. With millions and millions of players and users, PUBG stands at the top of the gaming industry. Though many countries have banned PUBG, as the addiction is like anything, yet the game continues to flourish like anything.

Likewise, a bid to take the next step into the future, PUBG which comes from the stables of Tencent games firm, has partnered with a top tier blockchain platform, the Solana (SOL). In spite of this, the partnership is expected to evolve right into many various attributes upon the blockchain ecosystem. 

PUBG NFTs and Metaverse

Obviously, ever since the news came out officially, the hypes are on the rise instantly. One of the most versatile games partnering with a profuse efficient blockchain platform, will indeed raise millions of smiley faces. 

True to the fact, the notion behind Tencent for partnering with Solana (SOL) is clear as a crystal. The only way PUBG could have its reign upon the gaming industry is through adopting the next technological interfaces. PUBG being one of the most futuristic interactive games ever built, as it incorporates the real life world audio and conversation into the digital world. 

Besides, PUBG may even be related as one of the most ancestral depictions of the Metaverse system. In spite of all this, the new partnership with Solana is going to be simply a nitro thrust for both. PUBG will be establishing itself into almost all the possible attributes of the blockchain ecosystem in accordance with gamings. 

This includes the Non Fungible Token (NFT), Blockchain Gaming, Metaverse and much more. Fans have already started to look out anxiously for the arrivals of all these. A game completely played upon Metaverse, will indeed be the biggest change for the gaming industry ever. 

Moreover, this ought to be a win-win situation for both PUBG and Solana, as the price of Solana will get higher and higher. Currently (SOL) is trading for the price of $94.70, with the graphs spiking up by 2%, taking into account the past 24 hours. 

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