President Bukele Shocking BTC Predictions for 2022!

Turkey and El-Salvador Presidents Meet, BTC Suspected to Be Discussed Unofficially!
  • President Nayib Bukele puts forth his prediction related to BTC for the year 2022.
  • BTC to hit $100K in 2022.
  • Two more countries will adopt BTC as legal tender in 2022.

Whatever be the criticisms within the country as well as globally, the President of El-Salvador, Nayib Bukele sticks to his optimism towards the Bitcoin (BTC) like anything. With the new year on rise, the President took to twitter, pertaining out his predictions for the BTC for the year 2022 on the whole. Regardless of not only the market for BTC, Nayib Bukele reveals all mega news that are to surround the BTC for the year 2022. 

The President’s Tweet

The president of El-Salvador, Nayib Bukele will always be full of pride as he made El-Salvador the first country in the world to make BTC as legal tender in the year 2021. Ever since then, Nayib Bukele has acquired about 1,370 BTCs for the nation to function on in circulation. 

Besides, he has already made plans to invest all the gains from the BTC reserves towards economic and infrastructure development such as building schools and hospitals and much more.

 In spite of all this, in the early hours of January 2, 2022 morning, the President took to twitter, posting a tweet. Upon the tweet, he pointed out 6 high surprising predictions to revolve around the BTC for the year 2022. 

Bukele’s BTC Predictions

Accordingly, the first point made by Bukele is that the BTC will hit the $100k price range for sure in the year 2022. Though, many market analysts term that BTC to reach $100K in 2022 would rather be hard, Bukele remains completely positive. 

Secondly, Nayib Bukele reveals that two more countries will be making BTC as legal tender within 2022, following the same steps as El-Salvador. This point is obvious as truly many countries are working themselves towards making BTC legal tender, but which ones are yet to be concluded!

Thirdly, Bukele states there will be major electoral issues with BTC as the epic center for the U.S elections in 2022. This is quite surprising though! In addition, Bukele also boasts about his country’s two big initiatives with BTC, the ‘Bitcoin City’ and the ‘ Volcano Bond’. 

Also, Bukele points out that the construction of the Bitcoin City will commence in 2022. The Bitcoin City will boast all sorts of residential areas, shopping complexes, restaurants, Malls, theatres and even a port, all solely based on BTC alone!

Furthermore, Bukele states that the Volcano Bonds, based on the Bitcoin City, will become completely oversubscribed within 2022. Apart from all this, the President ends the tweet, with his final point out on BTC, that the Bitcoin Conference of 2022, will be having huge surprises! 

Truly, all the revelations and predictions put forth by the President of El-Salvador are quite welcoming and shocking. Let’s wait and find out throughout 2022, as the year ages!

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