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Port of Buenos Aires Adopts Blockchain Technology

Port of Buenos Aires Adopts Blockchain Technology Blockchain News

Almost every sector in the world has incorporated blockchain technology in one form or the other. Implementing and fusing blockchain technology along with whatever the industry of the firm be, is now a vital necessity for the growth and establishment of the firm towards the future. 

Amidst such conditions prevail, the most famous and the principal major port of Argentina, the port Buenos Aires now incorporates blockchain technology.

The e-PuertoBUE

There also goes a saying, ‘As busy as a port’- proving the fact that ports are a lively place filled with busy activities 24×7 throughout. And, handling such immense freights, logistics, and ship sails and trafficking is not an easy task though.

In spite of all this, one of the largest ports of the world, Argentina’s major port, the port Buenos Aires undertakes technological advancements by incorporating blockchain.

The General Port Administration (AGP) which comes under the Ministry of Transport of Argentina, now launched a new completely electronic digital platform for carrying out all sorts of documentation and logistics paperwork. 

This platform is termed ‘The e-PuertoBUE’, which was launched officially recently. The news took to circulation upon AGP’s official press release upon their official page. 

Blockchain Based Platform’s Tasks

 Moreover, this new platform will be entirely working upon blockchain technology. Also, the major targets of the e-platform will be in handling all sorts of maritime logistics, fleet maintenance, processing shippings, clearing and making of various customs-related papers and documents, etc.

In addition to all this, blockchain technology will help in preventing all sorts of illegal trades, as the information once encrypted couldn’t be altered any further. Thus, maintaining the documents completely safe, secure, and unalterable.

Furthermore, it enables efficient tracking too. Apart from all this, the platform will be able to easily identify dangerous goods, electronic assignment notes, and many other shipping invoices and documents. 

Therefore, AGP terms with the incorporation of this blockchain technology, their port functions will become 100% even faster, safer, and thereby increasing the complete efficiency of the port system.

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