Popular Crypto Exchanges and Websites Halted Due To Cloudflare Outage

  • Major crypto exchanges are suspended due to Cloudflare outage. 
  • Popular internet services are also suffering from the existing issues.
  • The Cloudflare team is fixing the ongoing issues for a smooth service.

Cloudflare is a popular content delivery network which saves a lot of time routing to the most fast and reliable paths in real-time. But at a bad time, the network is pumping up with numerous issues which turn all websites to offline. Furthermore, not only internet sites, but crypto exchanges are also halted due to these unfixed issues.  

To dig deep into the issue, Cloudflare offers a distributed denial of service (DDOS) protection. In which most of the crypto exchanges are relying on secure and reliable services. Unfortunately, as these issues have boomed, suspending the exchanges and websites, the users will face a hard time at present. 

Since the issue is widespread all over the town, the Cloudflare team is taking a step forward to fix it as quickly as possible. Some of the prominent websites hit by the outage are Zerodha, Feedly, Upstox, DoorDash, Omegle and Discord. 

Major Cloudflare Service Issues

So, the Cloudflare team displayed the service issues on their website. After the investigation from the technical team, the network founds a A critical PO incident was declared at approximately 06:34 AM UTC. In addition, a connectivity issue is also persisting disabling the users from logging in. Besides, customers from impacted regions might face around 500 errors while reaching the site. 

Additionally, the team announced to its customers that it is identifying and monitoring the issue. More so, Cloudflare team shares it is still working on the fixing process. And will keep posting an update on further processes.

Some of the most popular affected crypto exchanges are FTX, Bitfinex and OKX. Addressing the issue and as an awareness notice, FTX posted a tweet. 

Almost 3 years back, the same issue from Cloudflare network was prevailing in the crypto space. Popular websites such as Coinbase and CoinMarketCap were affected due to the same outage. 

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